Monday | July 06, 2020



United Kingdom coronavirus death toll rises by 621 to 4,934

UK coronavirus death

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United Kingdom coronavirus death toll rises by 621 to 4,934

LONDON: The United Kingdom’s death toll from the coronavirus rose by 621 to 4,934 at 1600 GMT on April 4, the health ministry said on Sunday.

As of 0800 GMT, a total of 195,524 people had been tested of which 47,806 tested positive, the health ministry said.

Britain should not start to lift restrictions on social contact until it is clear that coronavirus transmission is in retreat, otherwise a second wave could occur, England’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries said on Sunday.

“The very last thing we would want to do is to have put in all of this effort, with everybody trying to do the right thing – almost everybody – across the country, and then finally lift the lid too early and we have a second spike,” she said.

“It will waste the effort we have put in. And we will still need to get over the first hump of the epidemic curve, and then look at the detail (of restrictions).”

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