Tuesday | September 21, 2021



Britain decides to fully lift COVID-19 lockdown in country

Britain decides fully lockdown

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Britain decides to fully lift COVID-19 lockdown in country

OXFORD: Britain has announced an end to coronavirus related lockdowns from Monday onwards, the decision comes in the wake of the country’s coronavirus graph registering a downwards trend, ARY News reported.

Coronavirus tests conducted in the country today had the least amount of people testing positive for coronavirus within a span of 24 hours since the initial surge in cases.

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Business centres will start opening under strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) laid out by the country, those failing to abide will be held punishable by law.

Footpaths alongside busy roadways in the country will now be used one-way while the second opposite footpath will remain off-limit.

A total of 2500 posters have been affixed at various points in the country which detail government SOPs on coronavirus to assist commuters.

Citizens have been asked to keep mobile and not stay at one place for long durations at a time.

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36 people have died from coronavirus in Britain in the past 24 hours while 1514 new cases were reported in the country.

Barbershops, beauty parlours, restaurants, pubs and clubs will remain closed until further notice, schools will open after summer vacations.

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